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A little about me ig...

FitNik started in 2018, when I began my fitness journey. Before college, I was always involved in sports and wanted to continue being active so I started going to the gym. I wanted to gain weight so I started doing research and eventually began tracking my meals and writing my own programs and got my CPT.

Now I help others achieve their goals and love their bodies too. My workout programs are based on research and experience with different workout techniques and I can't wait to share them with you!

Success Stories

What my clients say

"FitNik is the TRUTH! I have had the pleasure of utilizing both in-person training & her monthly challenge, and both have provided results better than I imagined. Nicole makes sure all workouts are detailed and well-written, so it’s not hard to understand. You WILL! be challenged because she doesn’t play, but in the BEST way!"

-Alana M.

"With Nicole’s plan I got results in the places that we targeted! My whole body changed within 6 weeks of our sessions! Her plan DID NOT DISAPPOINT! My strength grew....and my ass did too! Even after our session things that I’ve learned from her I still incorporate every time I workout."

-Serena S.

"FitNik is truly amazing! I was able to use one of her workouts that particularly focused on the abdominal area and within the first week I was able to see shedding around my waist area. After two weeks of consistency I saw even better results! I am truly happy with the plan she provided me."

-Ijay O.
The mission

to help you build
a better you!

Fitnik was created with the purpose of inspiring and supplying people with the tools to be the best version of themselves.

I strive to provide my clients with training and products to reach fitness goals in a realistic and sustainable way!

Nicole O. Founder of Fitnik Training

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