Good Eats Recipe Book

Good Eats Recipe Book

$ 35.00 USD
Meal Prep

Wholesome healthy and delicious meals for your fitness journey. Good eats is all about wholesome and nutritious eating. A lot of people have the misconception that healthy eating means prepping dry chicken and veggies everyday with the occasional cheat meal. It's all a lie!

  • 7 Regular Meals
  • 2 Vegan Bonus Meals
  • Easily Modifiable
  • Even easier to follow

Testimonials from my clients

“I completed two different programs with FitNik and the results were amazing! Not only do they produce great results but they also push you past what you think you’re capable of! I really got to love working out because of these programs so if you’re new to working out this is the perfect place to start.

-Nandrea B.

I used to never work out consistently and push myself, but Nicole changed that! With Nicole’s plan I got results in the places that we targeted! My whole body changed within 6 weeks of our sessions! Her plan DID NOT DISAPPOINT! My  strength grew.... and my ass did too!.

-Serena S.

I normally don’t trust trainers because these days it’s just a business, but Nicole truly cares and wants to help. 1.5 years later I’ve lost 30 pounds, have kept it off even with my 12 hour shifts as a new nurse, and have never felt more confident with my body and health. I look forward to continue working with Nicole for the years to come because I know her plans are top notch.

-Tyrel R.

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