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DMV Virtual Trainer

An interactive workout journey where you can go at your own pace and be held accountable. Virtual Training is done via PT-Distinction.

Written and tested programs designed to target your fitness and health goals. All workout programs are based on science and sustainable fitness.

Success Stories

What my clients say

"FitNik is the TRUTH! I have had the pleasure of utilizing both in-person training & her monthly challenge, and both have provided results better than I imagined. Nicole makes sure all workouts are detailed and well-written, so it’s not hard to understand. You WILL! be challenged because she doesn’t play, but in the BEST way!"

-Alana M.

"With Nicole’s plan I got results in the places that we targeted! My whole body changed within 6 weeks of our sessions! Her plan DID NOT DISAPPOINT! My strength grew....and my ass did too! Even after our session things that I’ve learned from her I still incorporate every time I workout."

-Serena S.

"FitNik is truly amazing! I was able to use one of her workouts that particularly focused on the abdominal area and within the first week I was able to see shedding around my waist area. After two weeks of consistency I saw even better results! I am truly happy with the plan she provided me."

-Ijay O.

"She understood my future goals and tailored my care toward reaching them even with constant studying, clinicals and endless cravings at the library. I normally don’t trust trainers because these days it’s just a business, but Nicole truly cares and wants to help."

-Tyrel R.